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I've had experience in taking technical material and presenting it in layman's language. If you need content for your business or publication, let's talk! I have a special reputation for crafting articulate and tactful copy for difficult, challenging, or delicate situations. Writing for clients is always a collaborative effort aimed at accomplishing your intentions and goals for the project.

Is there a book in your head but you don't have the time or writing confidence to get it written? 

I'd love to talk to you about your vision and help your book become a reality, even if you haven't written the first word. See “Digital & Desktop Publishing Solutions” for a listing of book projects I've guided to publication.

View my selective Writing Portfolio. Industries and topics of expertise include:

  • Small and home-based business issues:

As editor for the International Association of Home Business Entrepreneurs, iI managed a team of writers providing content for a membership website. I wrote about small business marketing and social media at, but this is no longer an actively updated site.

  • Biology and medicine:

With an undergrad degree in Biology and a Master's degree in Human Anatomy, I have also done transcription for a specialist in Internal Medicine and written health articles for a membership website. I wrote research reports for an engineering company with a government contract to do research on accessibility issues for handicapped, including mobility, visual, and auditory.

  • Public Education:

I served nine years on the Shenandoah County Public School Board, including two years as its chairman.

  • Banking and personal finance:

I have served since 1992 on the Board of Directors of First Bank and First National Corporation, serving on its Audit, Compensation, and Governance committees, and now the chairman of its board.

  • Family:

My husband and I have raised two wonderful children to adulthood, so parenting and development issues have always been an interest.

  • Motivation and Spirituality:

I have blogged extensively about how to strengthen essential life connections: Connection with Self, Connection with Others, and Connection with God.

  • Nature and Environment:

I grew up on a farm, learning to love the natural world around me. Some of my blog writing tries to help others strengthen their connection with Nature.

  • Personal note writing:

I am on a mission to revive the art of personal note writing. I've shared thoughts and encouragement about the power of connecting through a handwritten note on my blog.

Blog and Website Content

Blogs and a well-crafted website help establish you and your business as a source of information and expertise. I can review and evaluate your site to make sure it's user-friendly and doesn't contain typos or common errors that scream “amateur” to your site visitors.

If you don't have a blog, let me teach you what a powerful tool it can be for helping you establish the “know, like, and trust” factors your prospects need before they'll buy from you. If you're too busy to update your blog regularly, I can provide blog content on a wide range of topics.

Editing and Proofreading

Don't let an embarrassing error go out to the public? None of us can adequately edit our own writing. Editing and proofreading services are a very inexpensive investment in your image, and my satisfied clients will attest to its importance. You should have a third party edit and proofread:

  • All important correspondence and reports
  • Every bit of content posted to your website or blog
  • Any writing that has the potential to reflect on your personal or corporate image

[stextbox id=”info”] “When AvoLead, LLC launched its website with over 100 pages of content, our four senior partners had read, reviewed, and proofread everything carefully…we thought. Thank goodness we had RiverwoodWriter do a final perusal. Not only did Elizabeth pick up a few typos we had missed and correct one very embarrassing mistake, but she was also able to suggest several instances where more clarity was needed to ensure that our message was delivered with maximum impact. Now we send her every bit of fresh content before it's posted and get terrific ROI for the minimal expense.”

Sarah C. Albritton, M.S., Senior Consultant Kaplan DeVries, Greensboro, NC