About RiverwoodWriter

Who is RiverwoodWriter?

Widely recognized for her ability to connect with others in warm and caring ways, and with a special gift for being able to articulate clearly and make complex topics understandable, Elizabeth H. Cottrell — RiverwoodWriter — has become sought after by individuals, organizations, and businesses to lend her talents and expertise to a wide array of writing, blogging, and content production.

Elizabeth's writing experience began in her combined liberal arts and science education (B.A. in Biology and M.S. in Human Anatomy), and her first published works were co-authored scientific articles resulting from biological and biomedical research. She spent several years with research engineers writing up their research results on handicapped accessibility issues for government grantmakers. As a freelance writer, she has provided website content for clients on topics ranging from health, family, and personal finance issues to home-based and small business issues. Client projects have included corporate histories, memoirs, and blogs. Through her civic and nonprofit leadership positions, she has enjoyed other varied opportunities for writing and communicating.

Depending on the particular needs of her clients, Elizabeth often collaborates with other professionals in the graphic design, editing, printing and publishing industries to ensure the best finished product.

Long a student of business models and evolving technologies, especially as they impact small and home-based business, Elizabeth has cultivated a network of contacts with expertise in various aspects of social media. If learning to be a better connector in your small business is important, please visit her  SmallBizSpoken.com. She no longer posts there regularly, but you'll find hundreds of free tips and articles – both online and offline — on how to connect more effectively with prospects and customers.

At her primary blog, Heartspoken: Speaking from the heart about life's essential connections, Elizabeth explores the four critical connections essential to happiness and success: with God, with others, with self, and with nature. A passionate note writer and proponent of handwritten notes (Notes are the quintessential connection tool!), she shares wonderful examples of notes that comfort, encourage and inspire. CLICK HERE to join the Heartspoken community absolutely free.

For more information, send us a request on our Contact Us page, or call (540) 436-3969.

What is Riverwood?

Riverwood is the Cottrells family's home on the north fork of the Shenandoah River in Shenandoah County, Virginia

Elizabeth's flower garden in the spring

Riverwood in Spring from my kitchen window

Elizabeth's yard in the fall

Riverwood in Fall outside my kitchen door